Crowd-scene-at-the-RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show.-Date-1936.-Credit-RHS-Lindley-Library (1)
  • calendar 04 Apr, 2013

Hungry at Chelsea

Crowd scene at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Date 1936. Credit, RHS Lindley Library

Hungry at Chelsea

Okay, so being a spectator at Chelsea isn’t quite as exhausting as being a member of the teams that put the show gardens and flower exhibits into place, but it is still hard on the feet. Just take a close look at the faces in this great photograph from the RHS archives! Regular breaks are essential.

Our advice is to  skip the hot chips and cheap tea in the fast food concession stands and head to one of the marquee restaurants to enjoy a proper sit-down lunch. Of course you’ll need to get there early – or late. Any time between midday and 2 and you’ll get another chance to enjoy that great English institution, the queue.

There is a choice of two restaurants, both with good quality food at reasonable prices.  A sit-down for an hour in the middle of the day will help you power on for the afternoon.

So, after another few hours enjoying the horticultural treats on offer you’ll be deserving a jug of Pimms and a seat under the trees listening to the oompah band! What could be finer.

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